Bartholomew Gideon

Youtube Televangelist


Rapport, Resources
Notice, Empathy, Will
Contacts, lore, Investigation, Shooting

Youtube Televangelist
I do what the Holy Spirit commands
Any publicity is good publicity
You need money to do the Lord’s work
Young and enthusiastic

Stunts: Mind Games (use Deceit for mental attack if you create an aspect on a target P.109
Trust Fund Baby


Bart Gideon was kicked out of Sun Valley Bible College for cheating and “spreading the word” at the brothel just across the Nevada state line. He was divinely inspired (just ask him) to start a ministry through Youtube to appeal to today’s jaded youth, but discovered this took money. He lied about his academic record in order to obtain funding from the National Baptist Convention. He used the money to purchase an old funeral home and hearse, a laptop computer, and a decent video camera. He noticed that “ghost footage” got millions of views on Youtube and decided that the Holy Spirit was instructing him to both send unquiet spirits on to their final rest and preach the word. He’s not sure how to turn that into money yet, but he’s working on it.

Bart sought out New due to Newman’s own success on Youtube. Newman took Bart to a “haunted playground”. The playground turned out to actually be haunted, and Newman got some really good footage of Bart running at top speed from a ghost while screaming like a little girl. The footage got 4 million page views! The ministry is up and running!

Bart was stuck on how exactly to turn his Youtube popularity into both money and a good opportunity for prosetilization, and then he met Dr. Sneadhoffer. The “scientist” talked him into starting a Ghost Buster’s franchise. This way he can deal with the unquiet spirits of the departed and end each Youtube video with a homily and a paypal account to send donations. Yes, it’s true that this required him to go into enormous debt again, but in the end this was a sure fire way to reach the pocketbooks of the masses, and you need money to do the Lord’s work!

Bartholomew Gideon

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