Who You Gonna Call?

It’s been almost thirty years since the Ghostbusters saved Manhattan and the rest of the world from Gozer the Gozerian and nearly twenty-five since they trapped Vigo the Carpathian, powerless, in his painting. Things have been quiet for a long while now on the psychokinetic front and Ghostbusters, Inc. has franchises in most major metropolitan areas to handle anything that does pop up and go bump in the night.


You have just purchased your very own Ghostbusters franchise! Now you too can earn big bucks and become a media superstar battling spooks, spuds and soul-sucking demons from beyond the grave.

To be a Ghostbuster, you gotta have guts. To be a Ghostbuster, you have to be suave and debonair. To be a Ghostbuster, you gotta face unimaginable horrors – horrors which threaten life, sanity, happiness, the very fabric of the universe – and even your profit margin. Still game? Great. Grab an official ID form and read on.

Ghostbusters: DFW

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